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Originally Posted by Rgeurts View Post
Barkingdog, it completely depends on the type of crystals. Did the vet tell you which type? The 2 most common are calcium oxylate and struvite, and both are treated differently. Our Thorin had calcium oxylate and Nookie is prone to struvite. If you can let me know which Marty has, I can give ya some info
No my vet only said my dog had crystals and to feed him wet food . I will call the vet tomorrow and see which kind of crystals my dogs has. Thank you! I did not know there where more than one type , I wish I vet had told me.
The vet put him on clavamox 125 mg #8400 for 10 days and Marty take these BID and on Rimadyl 75 mg , and I wastold togive this to Marty for 4 days.
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