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Originally Posted by crazee4critterz View Post
To my mind, there are so many people now becoming familiar with the idea of biologically appropriate diets, that veterinary practices ought to be up on this issue for the sake of animal health and proper regulation of the raw diet industry. After all, how do we know what we're buying when we purchase raw ourselves? How do we know the right proportions of each ingredient?

I've heard and read different theories about supplements vs. no supplements; adding vegs and fruits vs. none; tripe and offal -- how much or how little?
I think you're still getting hung up on exactness and perfection from this section of your post. I raw feed and have for over 5 years my dogs are in great shape, very healthy and happy. In the end that is all you really have to judge your pet's health by unless you want to have blood work and x-rays and everything done every year to make sure.

We don't measure and proportion our own or our children's food(at least not so exactly) we go for balance over time and just enjoy our food. Once you take that same approach with your pets you'll feel a lot better.

A lot of the meat my dogs eat come from the same stores that I buy meat for my family(I consider anything under $2/lb possible dog meat) the rest I buy from a supplier that I trust. Don't forget though that even OUR food industry makes mistakes(remember the XL Meats recalls?) so regulation can be a false comfort(don't forget the poison pet foods back in 2007).

A holistic vet should be looking at everything including diet but certainly call and ask otherwise make it clear to your vet you feed raw and if they have an issue with it have them put a "do not discuss diet" on your pets files. That's what my vet did when I came down a bit hard on one of the staff over what I was feeding my now 4 year old Shih Tzu when he was a puppy. I have my proof in my dogs' health that I am doing the right thing.
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