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Adult cat pooping on the floor!

Background information
26 month old cat named Tiny Kitten (TK)
1 bedroom split level loft
1 litter box scooped daily
good food (i slowly changed her to a Purina indoor health food)
healthy cat (7.5 lbs I think?)
happy cat!

So TK and I live together and I treat her like a princess! When I got her two years ago, I lived with two roommates and one of us was always home. She has grown into a lovely, beautiful cat that loves people. My boyfriend loves my cat because she is 'so awesome and friendly'. She's a very vocal cat and meows if we talk to her, she's so great

I do have a huge problem with TK. She poops on my carpet in another room away from her litter box! This started about 10 months ago I went to petsmart about six months ago and asked the lady there and she helped me pick out a great litter, didn't help. I tried giving her two litter boxes, didn't help.

TK usually poops on the floor the day after I sleep over at my boyfriends house. Her pooping started about the time we started spending the night together. Now, I've been with this guy for nearly a year and just connected that the 'stress' that is causing her to poop on my floor is me not spending the night. Is she such a spoiled cat that my love and affection keeps her in line? I'm kind of getting tired of cleaning up after her. I have some 'Pee B Gone' i spray on the spot and even tried barricading her favorite poop spot... she'll just poop 1 foot away from it.

I'm really tired of this and want my cat to be happy... she deserves that. Any one have suggestions? I bring her over to my boyfriends house on the weekend (she loves his hardwood floors) but I can't bring her over during the work week... it's impossible.
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