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I'm defintiely not on board with this one. I know there have been a couple of "vegan" lines introduced recently, such as Ellen Degeneres' vegan dog food by Halo, but what I would like to see is a long term study. Dogs are meant to eat meat and, though they will eat vegetables, they do not digest them well. They have to be steamed then mashed to get much benefit and in these vegan lines, I'm sure they're highly processed, which would basically negate anything benficial. You can home cook the veggies, but then you run in to issues like having to supplement. Dogs also need Taurine for a healthy neurological system, and Taurine comes from meat and fish (organ meat has higher levels of Taurine). Sure, you can supplement, but why? I'll take natural nutrition for my babies (especially Nookie) any day. When you feed a diet that requires adding vitamins/minerals/amino acids due to the lack of "complete" nutrition, you always have the possiblity of deficiencies.

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