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Barkingdog, the reason his head was cocked was because he was chewing the bamboo cane that used to have a sunflower tied to it, and Bo is probably trying to tell me "Hey mum, look, he shouldn't be eating THAT!!" LOL.

Lindapalm, the sheltie boys are starting to get stressed, the bolder he gets. He's not soft, he's a devil dog from Hell! Ordinarily Dundee would never come to me wanting to get on my knee if his brother, Bo, was already there trying to get up first. They've had fights in the past, those two, so they give each other some space. Now though, it's "Pick me up first, Roo's coming", which I guess is better than them attacking him. I sometimes pick Roo up to give them some peace. If another dog bumps him, he growls and fires up. He had his hackles up and growling when I had a visitor today. A typical ACD pup in other words.
He is fixated on Jarrah now, the precocious little brat, 11 weeks old and with such big plans. Not unusual for them to jump on other dogs but he is doing the tugging at the coat bit that some stud dogs do to see if the female is receptive. (As in the photo). Only trouble is that he grabs coat on her anywhere and tugs hard, so just a matter of time before he gets told to mind his manners ,by Jarrah, not me.
DD, you've got bees, haven't you? I hope the bees never go after your pups. My sister's bees attacked her son's Poodle.
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