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Not yet.... not yet.... not yet....

One more

The breeder didn't even send me the pics! Dang. She's been busy with a dog show this weekend though, one of her pups got 2 pts. She's very happy.

Thank you Barkingdog, I hope I do well by these two pups. I hope Halo handles it well and turns into a pup herself not some cranky old cow.

I hope DH handles it well, I know he will not do well with the chewing and such. If they eat the couch he'll flip. I think the pups may spend a lot of daytime hours outside, and inside training with me at night! Fortunately as spring nears DH spends way more time outside, so that will be good. We'll work it out though.

Got the waybill for the shipping today. WooHoo, is it bedtime yet???
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