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Originally Posted by rapture View Post
Hi there I have a Cat named Banks and he is a 2 year old bermise mix.
He is an indoor cat and has not had any problems with his health till about a week ago.
He first started throwing up and was crying and hiding, so we took him to the vet.
The vet gave him some meds and sent him home.

He stopped throwing up for about 2 days and seemed fine.
All of a sudden he started crying and walking around unsettled. (he never cries)
We took him to the vet again and they took x rays , did blood work , and gave him a iv.
The blood work came back normal except for his CK levels were abnormally high.
The same night he came back home he started with a dry cough, almost like he is trying to cough up a hairball but nothing comes out.
He as also started breathing heavier and i can hear a little wheezing in his breath. Breathing seems to be abnormal but his mouth is not open when he breaths. He is acting normal (eating , drinking , playing) but then he has a coughing attack and cant get comfortable all of a sudden.
He is also getting a little more tired now and can't really play as long.
He also does not wake up in the morning as fast he kinds drifts out , usually he is up and running the second we get up.
I took him back to the vet and he said that it is nothing to worry about!
I Just don't understand why all of a sudden my cat has been sick for the past week.
I have not slept much in the past week and I am worried about him.
We got him as a kitten and i have suffered a broken leg so i have spent the past year and a half with him everyday. I really want him to get better and do not want a doctor to say he is just fine and something happens to him.
I e mailed him again today and told him I want to bring banks back to the vet.
Any advice?
Are you using kind of air freshers in your home or other kinds sprays? Do think it could have anything do with your heat , maybe you check your heater out, there could carbon monoxide in the your house that making your cat sick
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