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Originally Posted by pattymac View Post
I'd be finding another vet asap!!
The weird thing is this vet is HIGHLY recommended.
He gave me the x ray for free , never charged me for the second visit and cut my bill in alf for the first visit.
That tells me he really cares and is not money hungry, like my last vet I took Banks to when he first threw up.
He seems like a really caring vet and gave me his number to call if Banks has any problems and is really gentle with him and thorough when he does a check up on banks.
I just don't understand why he thinks that nothing is wrong with Banks though doesn't really add up....
I am taking him back tomorrow for another check up, x ray and blood work.
I have a feeling it's either asthma or a respiratory infection.
If he says there is nothing wrong with him tomorrow another vet it is.
I hope something shows in the x ray or blood work (nothing serious though) tomorrow and I can get him the right medication to help him.
Thanks for the reply
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