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Crazy Dog!!

So Bayley has decided that after supper is play fetch in the house time! We've been doing it for a little while but nothing consistent so I kinda forgot today. So today she comes over, puts her head in my lap and gives me the sad dog eyes. I pet her, that's not it, so then I notice that she's dropped her little foam ball on the couch. Yes, she has a little foam ball, the cat kind. I know some will say it's dangerous but she is soooo careful with it and it's her fave in the house toy. OMG she's so funny, if I don't throw it right away, she growls at me, then if I pretend to throw it, she gets her front paws up on the arm of the couch and barks at me. I suppose she would scare some people cause when she drops it in my hands, she's growling the whole time but she's always been very vocal when she's playing. Of course, I'm a lousy thrower and right now there are two little foam balls under the back of the pantry. You should see the look I get when they go under there! I told her she'd have to convince Noella to go fish them out for her
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