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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Another day another trip to the pet store! Bought their brushes and a new set of nail clippers, a bottle of Nature's Miracle accident cleaner , one toy. $99.00 On top of that they did not have the kibble I wanted, nor did I find a shampoo I wanted - well I forgot the shampoo, looked at a couple and then kept on going. Will get that stuff tomorrow. Plus one new dog bed for Halo. I will put one old dog bed out in one dog house, and Halo's old dog bed out in the other dog house, so Halo will get a new bed. The puppies will be crated for a while in the house, so they don't need inside beds yet. They'd probably just eat them anyhow. Have stocked up on old towels.

We went past our butcher's today and picked up a nice bag of chicken back and necks and beef bones for the pups. I offered Halo a beef bone but she was not interested. Got enough for a week of feeding. Free!! Gotta love friends who are butchers!
Marty is not interested in beef bone , I brought a small packed and he just played with the bone for a second and said I am done. Maybe you could have some towels with your body odor on them so your puppies can smell you when you have to leave them alone for awhile.
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