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Yeah I have lots of Costco beds around, actually threw about 3 old ones out last summer. Just found another old one under the back deck, so the cover is in the laundry as I type. I had washed two this morning already. So since finding the other old one, I will just put the two old ones outside in the dog houses. That way if the pups tear them up it's not a big deal. Shadow had some leakage issues with spay incontinence over the years so the Costco beds were the best! Washed them regularly then tossed them every year or so and bought new ones. I always kept the covers though, that way I could take one off (or two as I always did both beds) and put the clean ones on the beds while the others were washing. It was great. For the crates I have towels though, so they can go into the wash daily if need be. Again, if they tear them up, that's okay too.

Second trip to the pet store today. Bought large breed Orijen for the puppies, Taste of the Wild for Halo (the Orijen has chicken and she can't have that), one shampoo for puppies, and two cans of green tripe - $$$.
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