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Thanks so much! We'll try these out just in case. He's definitely improving though - aside from the bug (which was moving too fast for me to see) - he ate 1 1/2 ounces of the high calorie AD food the vet prescribed. l

Hopefully, this problem a, at least, is taken care of. We see the oncologist on Tuesday so I'll probably be looking for advice on that next.

You know, a few years back my beautiful baby Gus (a gray and white longhair kitty with a bowtie) died very suddenly. He was sitting on my lap purring and then he vomited up this clear liquid and started crying in a way I've never heard. 20 minutes later at the ER they told me that I fast-growing tumor in his belly had burst and there was nothing they could do. Only that week I'd noticed that he wasn't eating. It was so sudden. Looking at what we're going through with Shadow, I'm almost glad it went that way - I only had about 20 minutes of worry before I was dealing with grief. I hope we can find a way to make the last few months with Shadow good for both him and us.
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