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It might just be breeders who see the difference, DD. She is very feminine but the difference between them is is obvious to me as the difference between a stallion and mare, or a bull and a cow. He's going be a big macho man before you know it, and a very handsome one. He has 100% a male's head. You know, when I had my last two red ACD's I really loved Susie, who to me was, like Lupa, a lovely feminine girl, and Susie to me was a better female than Perkins was a male, just because IMO he was just a little on the big and heavier side. But who did all the judges put up? Perkins! I loved them both, and everyone will love both of yours. You should try showing Nikki. They need to be good from head to tail but I know the first thing a judge sees as they come into the ring is their head, and his should make a great first impression. I have entered Roo for just 4 shows, baby puppy classes(3 to 6 months) simply because I won't have to run with him, my knee may not be up to that yet. It's a great way to socialise them. I just know that Roo is going to embarrass me by playing up badly. A friend's pup, years ago, had everyone, including the judge, laughing hysterically, because it heeled him all the way around the ring.
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