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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
GF, sorry about Roo's mess! I will have two crates, and will try that first, I figure if that doesn't go well though they may sleep better together. At least for a bit.

You pretty near brought tears to my eyes there with the comment about Nikki having a stronger head. I've been feeling a bit sorry for him because everyone seems to feel Lupa is more attractive and I admit she's very photogenic. While he's cute as a button, that's the first really possitive thing I've gotten about him, if you know what I mean. In a doggy sense. What exactly do you see that makes you say he looks "strong". DH will want me to explain this to him. But in looking at him after you said that, I think I can almost see that too. Thank you for putting me at ease!

Nikki's mom is a fairly small dog. I must dig up some parental pics to post. I hope he gets his dad's size. Don't want Miss Lupa to dwarf him!
I think they both are equally attractive , Lupa looks very feminine with her markings under her eyes and Nikki markings look very masculine to me. I think you have two very beautiful puppies. And I would made a big fuss over both of them if I saw them in life.
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