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Thanks for the tips GF. I figure odds are they'll be dirty. I am actually planning to call the local pet store as they may have a dog wash station there. It would be good to be able to wash them up and dry them before we travel home. It's only about an hour drive, but it's hard to open the windows all the way in the winter. We will be keeping the crate, it's mine for keeps, and sleeps for now while they still fit. I did plan on bringing clean papers and such to get them home with.

Not sure what day they're coming yet. They can only book the flight 4 days in advance, but it should be near Feb 7-10th. The breeder who is shipping them has a show the weekend before. Hopefully they'll get in early enough in the day that I can bath them on the way home or at home. I'm lucky here because we have a full bath in the garage, it's perfect for dog baths. Unfortunately it's not raised up to be easier on my back, but that's fine. The dogs have always appreciated the warm water versus the cold hose!

I think Roo will be the cock-of-the-walk in no time at all by the sounds of it!
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