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Cat with pancreatitis won't eat unless I'm watching

My cat is being really weird and i'm worried about him.
My cat is about 8 years old has a number of health problems.
He had distemper at 7 weeks old, since then he has has a very sensitive stomach and would puke about once a week, no matter what we fed him.
then at about 3 years he developed urinary tract disease with a blocked penis. He hasn't had another blockage but since he has had to be on special food to help prevent another blockage. Again he would puke that up quite often, but always kept eating.
Just last year he developed pancreatitis and woulnd't eat anything.
He's been puking up his food alot recently, so we tried changing to another food to ease his tummy. However there are few choices as it has to be of quality that won't cause another blockage. The first few days he was really happy with the new food and no puking, but now he is refusing to eat out of his bowl with out me there.

Basically, I feed him in his bowl and if I sit beside him and watch him eat, giving him pets and cuddles, he'll eat his food. But he still won't finish it all.

He does better if I feed him from a spoon or out of my hand, then he'll eat a fair bit, but its very frustrating to have to hand feet my cat breakfast and dinner and I don't really have time for it.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
I don't want to just leave the food until he eats as I really don't want him getting another bout of pancreatitis.
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