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DD, that's funny about Halo. I think my sister has a proper term for that sort of behaviour, but when I asked her she was flustered, wanting to get ready for her art class, so she merely said it's clever, but the dog is training you, not vice a versa. Her sheltie (don't ask me which one) was taught to pick things up for them, for a reward, and she eventually started searching the house for objects she might be rewarded for . And, if she was on Tony's lap and he had a pen in his pocket, she would pull it out and drop it just so she could be rewarded for picking it up for him.

Roo's day started at 5am with a 3 hour drive to Lismore (during which he was car sick), then out to Ballina when he couldn't fly from Lismore. On the plane at 10am, down to Sydney where I imagine the company we were using, Dogtainers, would have put him on another flight down to Melbourne. But actual time in the air, I don't know, I think he might have got in some time before 4pm, the girl at the office said someone was going over to pick him up then. I don't know if he'd dirtied in the crate, most likely he had. Dogtainers kept him overnight and he did dirty on the way up to Ballarat the next morning but not from Ballarat to home. Unfortunately you have twice the chance of dirty pups so go prepared to clean them up a bit, will you be keeping the crate they arrive in? If so, clean newspaper for them to sit on, a plastic bin bag to stuff the dirty bedding or paper into, wipes or a cloth you can try to remove the worst with if they lie in anything. When do you get them exactly? Don't stress about it too much(says I, who was very nearly sick on Tuesday, and suffering chest pains on Wednesday morning ).

Barkingdog, pleased you like him. I still cannot get over how beautifully my shelties accepted him, and how confident he is because of that. He's strutting around already as if he intends to rule his new Kingdom.
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