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GF, thank you for the pics. You know we have a reputation here for being pushy about pics, and since Hazel is away for a bit, I felt I had to uphold the tradition. You know we were all waiting!! He's gorgeous, love the feather. Maybe you should have called him Hoover. That's what I wanted to call Halo because she also sucked up everything as a pup. While teaching her "drop it" she quickly learned to pick up everything in order to be told to drop it and then get a treat. Cigarette butts, rocks, gum, you name it...

Roo looks none the worse for his travels GF, and Jarrah looks intrigued! I hear you about worrying about him slipping his collar. I have been thinking of that also.

How long was he on the plane for? My pups will be about 5 hours travel time, plus before and after so probably about 8 or 9 hours total before we get them (assuming all goes as planned). Was Roo clean when you got him or had he soiled in his crate? I worry about having two very stinky puppies when I meet them, but that's okay, we'll bath them up good when we get them home.

So I have been thinking and I think picture updates every other day should be okay. Daily sounds very pushy....
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