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Your wish is my command, DD. Here he is again with his new favorite toy, a water bottle. You can see the attitude already. Jarrah crowded him before he came out of the crate and he growled and had his hackles up, and I don't think he wanted her near HIS water bottle.
The trip went well, except for mile upon mile of road works where they are widening the highway. Still, we got there in time for coffee and a cake before the guy arrived with him. I did not even toilet him on the way home. He's old enough to be into the lean, racey stage so could not risk him slipping his collar. Poor kid was sooo hungry, and is ready for a meal again now. All in all he has travelled 1800klm, or a bit more. His breeder could not get him on the plane where she wanted to because floods had closed the airport, instead she had to drive over to the coast with him to another airport. I'm letting him rest today, he's had two hard days.
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