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They did the Snap 4DX Plus test on Katie, all negative and she's on 10mg/kg of doxycycline per day (divided into 2 doses) for 4 weeks. Based on her symptoms and the negative test (and the fact that I haven't seen a tick in years), I'm confident she doesn't have anything tick related.

I'm listing the following mostly for purposes of discussion and for anyone who comes here looking for information like I did.

Katie is a 10 year old 80 pound chocolate labrador with suspected nasal cancer (opted not to have the ct scan done- for now anyway). She had very minor nose bleeds off and on for 2 months, then a major nose bleed on Jan. 17th (and somewhat major bleeding for the next 6 days), the vet put her on doxycycline "just in case" a tick borne illness was found (all tick tests were negative). After 5 days on doxy, her nosebleeds stopped (this appears to be fairly common as doxy has anti- inflammatory actions as well as antibiotic). We've decided to give her homeopathic supplements and take each day as it comes rather than go the chemo/radiation route.

After a weekend of reading and thinking, I've decided on the following supplements to begin with.

with her morning meal:
Fish oil (~1 tbsp)
Vitamin C 1000 mg
Glutamine 1000 mg
Arginine 500 mg
Doxycycline 200 mg
CoEnzyme Q10 100 mg (ordered but haven't gotten this yet)
Red Ginseng 400 mg (ordered but haven't gotten this yet)

with her evening meal:
Fish oil (~1 tbsp)
Arginine (500 mg)
Doxycycline 200 mg
Milk thistle 150 mg
Curcumin 500 mg (ordered but haven't gotten this yet)

Before bed:
IP6 600 mg
with cottage cheese mixed with flax oil

I also ordered the chinese herb Yunnan Baiyao in .25g pills to give as needed for bleeding.

Please feel free to discuss. This is all very new to me and I know some of you (SuperWanda!) have a lot more experience with choosing supplements than I do! I attempted to look at each supplement's function and chose based on trying to maximize anti-angiogenic and anti-oxidant functions along with some liver support and immune boosters.

It's day 3 of supplements and Katie is doing really well.
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