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I certainly would not vaccinate a 14 yr old indoor kitty. The risks of vaccination are already high, then factor in the age and that this kitty has probably been vaccinated over the years (high risk for over-vaccinating)... too risky imo. And like SCM has said, very risky just before surgery. I would be finding another vet. Titre testing is a good way to go if they insist on the vaccination. I went to a lecture by Dr. Steve Marsden (veterinary and human Naturopath and TCM and also our lil Nookies vet ) and he really covered companion animal health, diet and vaccines. He spoke about Dr. Ronald Schultz, who has spent more than 30 yrs of his life studying vaccinations, the effects of over-vaccinating and duration that the vaccine has on immunity. I won't go in to all the details, but this is a great arcticle if you would like to read it:

Good luck
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