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Originally Posted by reksav View Post
We left for the store and when we came back the dog had gotten into a lot of things... He's on medication for seizures and it's making him act very differently than normal, this problem is being addressed, but now this happens.

He ate an entire container of cherry tomatoes, a bag with 5 or 6 pitted dates, and a 2lb bag of assorted candy. There was no chocolate in the bag, just lots of starburst, carmels, and tootsie rolls. Ok so there was some chocolate. There is no wrappers anywhere, just the paper label from the bulk candy bag. Should we be worried? Should we try to make him vomit? Help? Please? Augh.
Hi reksav

So sorry to be reading this, it's such a worry when our babies do things like this! Our Nookie has pica and is always eating stuff he shouldn't be. Even with careful monitoring, you can't always stop them. I would contact the emergency vet and let them know exactly what he ate. The sugar would be a big concern for me, more than anything else. 2 lbs of candy is a lot. The cherry tomatoes won't hurt him (might make his tummy a little upset if he's not used to them), but the candy is a different story, especially with his seizures. As for chocolate, when you really need to worry is with a fairly large amount, and dark chocolate. The chocolate "flavored" candy like tootsie rolls would likely cause more issues from the sugar than the chocolate. Is he still on the Pheno?
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