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Originally Posted by RRichmo View Post
A solid fence would be great, but is simply not in the budget at present. Chain-link is about $10/linear ft, installed. Wire mesh fencing runs about half that, but is still more than I can afford right now, assuming I give the dogs sufficient fenced area to run a bit. I'm going to try the invisible fencing and see if we can make it work. The dogs wouldn't be left out when we were not close by. I'm thinking if they run through it, I can shut it off. If it looks like it simply won't work at all, we'll look into alternative fencing.
I am really concerned about coyotes after one came right up my dog and started sniffing his butt and I was standing right next to my dog. I had my back turned and did not see the coyote right away and being HOH I was not able to hear it sneaking up on us.
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