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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
blaster, it may just reinforce the charging and barking since every time the dog charges, it will get shocked. Some dogs associate the shock with the object they're charging, and then that object becomes even more of a threat to them, so the charging actually increases in frequency.

These fences are also not highly recommended for dogs with high prey drive--I know of hunting dogs that got so focused on a squirrel or rabbit outside the electronic fence, that they blow right through it to chase.

Also, if I'm remembering right (and my memory being so poor, I'm likely wrong ) you mentioned in another thread that your dog was showing some aggression toward people in your yard? Remember that an electronic fence will not keep other dogs and people out of your yard.

So an electronic fence might not be your best bet. Just my .
So if the electronic fence won't keep other dogs and people out of the yard it would not be safe to leave a dog outside alone for very long as a coyote could get in that yard and kill or harm the dog.
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