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Connor & Katie,

I sent you the info. about tick testing through personal messages (3) because it would have been way to long to paste into this thread.

Thanks MaxaLisa for clarifying that. Yes, the dose I treated Timber with was 10mg/kg twice a day for 28 days. I think I was told anaplasmosis is generally fairly responsive to doxy, unlike some other tick disease. I did repeat for another 4 weeks for a total of 8 because Timber was also on high dose steroids at the time since vets here thought she had an immune mediated disease (they were wrong). I treated a second time just in case her immune system was low and she needed an extra treatment to really be sure we were clearing it from her system.

You said with Katie that you had no other symptoms like weakness, low platelets or anemia so I would hope she wouldn't have a tick disease but I guess in some cases symptoms can be mild. It would be good to know that they properly ruled that out though.
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