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So today again I looked at kijiji - no matter how much I tell my self "no don't do it" today I just did for some reason.

I found an ad for a person giving away a shihtzu dog, literally said "getting rid of " -

I have to get rid of my older little shih tzu. She is a quiet little dog. She doesn't get along with our other dogs. She lost her right eye a few years ago. She gets along with out it just fine. She is kennel trained, house trained, and up to date on vaccinations.

I just kept asking my self... how did she lose her eye? aaaaagh!

then I saw an add for a lady who after 17 years had to put down her shihtzu furkid, and was looking for another one to come to her family, so I took it on me to email her and send her the link to the other add, I really really hope she will take her and give her a good home
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