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Can you (or anyone else) give an update on your bluetick's response to underground fences? I'm "on the fence", so to speak, debating installation for one to contain my two young blueticks. We live in a wooded, rural area on three acres and adopted one (now 5 months old) this past October and the other (approximately a year old) in December. They love to run the woods, but I'm concerned about something happening to them or their getting in trouble with neighbors. I'm also reading a lot of "doesn't work with blueticks" postings and wonder if I'm going to be wasting my time and money installing the Petsafe Stubborn Dog system.

edit: immediately after posting the above, Tally and Kelly spotted a deer and took off after it. I think this is their first "close encounter" with a deer and I'm wondering even more so if I'll be wasting my efforts installing a fence. Does anyone have similar experience? How's Leo doing and do you have deer or "critters" near your house?

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