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Originally Posted by SuperWanda View Post
MaxaLisa, did you mean 5mg/kg? I can give you some more info tomorrow as I am heading out in a moment. But, I think for the tick disease timber was on 10mg/kg but I will double check that. I also divided it into two doses as it can sometimes cause a loss of appetite and I gave it with a little food (just not calcium as the doxy binds to Ca and becomes less effective).
Tick list recommendation is 10 mg/kg twice a day, which is roughly 5 mg/lb twice a day. It's about twice as much as many vets use, but the vets on list have experienced fewer relapses with that dose, and some dogs on the list have not responded at all to the lower dose.

You used to see that dose in some of the textbooks too, but now you typically only see it in print for something like rocky mountain spotted fever., not the others.

Doxy is less calcium sensitive as regular tetracycline, many dogs need the fuller meal because of stomach upset.
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