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MaxaLisa, did you mean 5mg/kg? I can give you some more info tomorrow as I am heading out in a moment. But, I think for the tick disease timber was on 10mg/kg but I will double check that. I also divided it into two doses as it can sometimes cause a loss of appetite and I gave it with a little food (just not calcium as the doxy binds to Ca and becomes less effective).

Not sure if I am really that knowledgeable about tick disease but do have info that I can pass on about the testing from a vet I was in contact with at the time who studies tick disease.

With the IP6, I just give a capsule 1/2 hour before breakfast and right before bed. First I tried to mix the powder in the capsule with water and squirt it into her mouth but she really didn't like that. I figure a small piece of processed cheese wrapped around the capsule wouldn't be the end of the world. I think the IP6 can also bind to certain minerals which makes it less effective - especially iron. I think this is the reason it is good for treating tumors as they also take iron from the body. I don't think cheese has much iron so whatever way you can make it easier on yourself and Katie.
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