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Originally Posted by Connor & Katie View Post
Thanks so much MaxaLisa & SuperWanda!!

Katie is still great and no nose bleeds for 3 days now- Yay!! After a little more reading I'm thinking it may have stopped since our regular vet put her on Doxycycline "just in case" her original bloodwork came back positive for a tick borne disease (all were negative, but we didn't want to stop in the middle of a course of antibiotics- superbugs and all). We may have to talk them into giving us more depending on how things go.

I'd like to have some of the chinese herb on hand so that if she gets a nosebleed we can add it to her supplements immediately.

I feel like I'm learning so much! Between the info here and Lucy's site, there is a lot to figure out and decide, but if nothing else at least I feel like I can do something to help Katie.

Do either of you do the cottage cheese/ flax oil? Do you feel like it's helpful? Would it be useful even though I'm already giving her high quality fish oil?
Great news about the nose bleeds!

It should be added, that even if the tick panel is negative, there still could be tick disease. This is actually pretty common, for a variety of reasons, also depends on what panel was run, and what type of test. We don't even have tests for some of the tick diseases. So, if the doxy is helping, I might consider going with the treatment that the tick list recommends, which is 5 mg/lb, for 8 weeks. Would also be interested in seeing any bloodwork that was done.

SW has done a ton of research on this stuff, she will be a great resource for you!

The cancer fighter in the flax is from the lignans, which is separate from the omega fatty acid issue. Something about the cottage cheese (originally something called quark was used), helps it be more beneficial than the flax alone. I haven't ever used the flax/cottage cheese protocol, but every night I have always added fresh ground flaxseed into my dogs' diets. I'm a huge believer in flax. It also protects from the estrogens in the environment which can cause bad things to happen in the body.
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