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wow SuperWanda! That is a ton of information, but it's exactly what I need! Thank you!

I'm trying to figure all this out. We got IP6, glutamine, and milk thistle last night, they already take vit C and fish oil (although we didn't necessarily give it every meal and now we will).

I'm planning to order the Yunnan Bayio, curcumin and maybe melatonin. I may also do cottage cheese and flax oil. I may do arginine too as I have a bottle that I sometimes use (it's good for asthma in humans)

I didn't realize until now that IP6 should be given on an empty stomach. That will be a challenge for us since C&K usually eat at 6 & 6 and we can't usually get home at lunch time. Maybe I can give it to her before bed.

I need to read and research a little more to figure out what I want to give her everyday and what I want to rotate, and what I want to give Connor too as a preventative (he's 13 and Katie's only 10, so I feel like it's smart to be proactive)

Thanks again! I really appreciate it!

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