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Gosh, it depends on the dog and where the dog is walking. In nearly 17 years Teddy's were never cut once.

Whisper, Jet and Oban all lived in the same house and walk(ed) on the same ground but needed trimming, respectively, one month, two weeks and one week. They all need the fur between their toes trimmed in winter but not at all in summer. Snow appears to be not gritty enough to keep this short. Oban has virtually no hair protruding between his toes in summer but in winter it grows out and I use nose hair trimmers to keep it short.

It's possible your groomer DID trim the nails but if they were long to begin with she can't take too much off at once. As the nail grows the quick, the blood vessel you can see within the nail if it's white, grows down into the longer nail. You can't just whack off all of what's too long without cutting the quick and causing bleeding. The odd time I do let nails get too long I have to take only little wee nibbles of nail off, but more frequently, like maybe twice a week, till they get back to the shortness I want.

Beware a place that takes your dog with long, long toenails and gives you back a dog with short toenails. It's likely your dog bled profusely if the change in length was dramatic. Ask if you can watch. Some places, Vet's included, are very rough.
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