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I'm just embarking on this nasal cancer issue myself so I hope I can help in some way. The one thing they said with Timber was that her tumor was a mass of inflammation and I am hoping that the supplements will reduce that and keep her immune system strong so we can hopefully extend her life and give her added comfort. It is all an experiment but as I go forward, I can tell that she has good energy and is feeling well at the moment so I don't think I am doing any harm. I certainly haven't done nearly as much as the fellow who's link I gave you with the dog named Lucy. I am trying some things I feel comfortable with and rotating things more than giving them all at once. I have no idea if this is the way to do it or not

MaxaLisa mentiond the Yunnan Baiyao for the bleeding. She has so much great information and I value her opinions. She helped save Timber a few years ago when several vets could not figure out that she was suffering from a tick disease called anaplasmosis.

I have never used Yunnan because Timber only had one nose bleed in her life and that was when she was first diagnosed with a tick disease a few years ago. I really don't know if she had nasal cancer at that time. She was very sick and had low blood platelets with the tick disease. But, since that time she has never had a nose bleed. She does have a lot of clear nasal fluid that drips from her nose. It was during this past fall, we thought she had allergies, she seemed to have a stuffy sounding nose which eventually turned to wheezing. That is when we were sent for the endoscope and biopsy. The wheezing was probably due to a secondary infection (pneumonia) that we cleared up with antibiotics but the only symptoms she has now are the drippy, stuffy nose, and she sometimes makes gagging sounds because her tumor has grown out of the nasal cavity and is pressing down on her soft palate.

I think Lucy's blog has some info on the Yunnan baiyao as well:

I'll make you a list of the supplements I'm trying in the morning.

I hope Katie is still free of her nose bleeds today!

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