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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
I gotta agree, Jull--the only thing more disgusting that eating poop is throwing it up afterward inside. LOL

allanna, we have a number of poop-eaters here. We tried enzymes, pineapple, supplements, you name it--and the only thing that works for us is to keep it all cleaned up from the get-go. Still a challenge when all 8 go out at once, though, because our two worst offenders will go to opposite ends of the yard and poop at the same time, then try to consume it while it's still warm. Ack! We get a lot of running exercise during that first 'everybody outside' trip first thing in the morning.
I had a dog roll in a fish head that was really ripe! She was so proud of herself when she came back smelling HELL! I had to drive home with all the
windows open and nearly vomit myself. She thought she smelled wonderful,
how can dogs not tell something smell so rotten when they have such a keen sense of smell ???
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