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How often do dogs nails need to be trimmed?

Marty been to the groomer on 10/12/12 and 12/12/12 and the groomer said she cut his nails each time. I had to bring Marty to his vet today because his nails were really long , they where curling over. I was told at the vet office his nails where too long. It had been about 6 weeks since they been cut but the vet feel they should not had been that long if they where cut on 12/12/12 . I called the groomer today and she said she did cut the last time and that 6 weeks it too long ,that Marty nails should be cut every 4 weeks.
I walk Marty every day but it been hard to the past being so cold out. I like to bring Marty to this groomer as they're in a vet office and very careful about dogs being up to date on all their shots and worms testing.

Is 6 weeks too long to wait to get a dog nails cuts?
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