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@marko, I did mean I catch her in the act, her "living room" bed is literally three-four feet away from where I'm sitting right now and the majority of times she's ever done this, it is right in front of me. We both had just walked in from outdoors where she had refused to pee, and I was in the living room when she walked over to her bed, squat and peed within seconds of coming inside. I moved the bed out from under her and put it in the wash. Shes usually put directly outside when I catch her at this but to be honest, most of the times she just pees across the floor(s) and by the time she gets to the back door, is all done and I have two rooms to mop. Last night, she finished on the bed. I was frankly too tired to clean any more than I had to.

I honestly don't think this is a scent thing at this point because I've brought brand new beds for her even and it didn't ever stop her from doing it. She just likes to pee on her bed from time to time. I do use good strong cleaners though.

In any event, I ended up feeling guilty looking at her laying on the floor where her bed was and brought in one of her other beds.

My main point was when you catch them in the act, whether there was any point in removing the bed right away (i.e. should she feel the wet bed), removing it and not replacing (i.e."hey I just peed on my bed and now I have no bed") or just saying to hell with it and replacing one for another.
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