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Thanks Superwanda, your info is really helpful! and I may be bugging you a lot! It's also absolutely great to know that Timber is still doing great and feeling good! Thank you!!

We had already ruled out all causes except fungal and cancer with our regular vet and the specialist said "with her age, extent of bleeding, and from only one nostril, we're not looking at fungal" I have a few vet friends too and they agreed (they've all seen nasal cancer none have seen the fungal infection, they also said if you're not going to do chemo/radiation there's really no reason to get the ct scan). If we do it it'll be scope, ct, and biopsy. I'm hesitant because it's very expensive and if we do it we won't financially be able to do anything else for her and I'm concerned that we won't get much more info than we already know. Putting a name on the cancer doesn't help us take care of her any better. It would only be helpful if they could tell us size, direction of growth and suspected future symptoms to watch for (but I guess we know most of what to watch for, just don't know which ones are most likely).

After a day of thinking about it, I'm starting to think I'd rather spend money on supplements that may extend her life and make her more comfortable, and spoiling her than spending it on the ct scan that may give us more info, but won't make her better. But we still need to talk and think some more before we decide.

The chinese herb for bleeding...have you used it? where did you find it? Katie actually hasn't had a nose bleed for 2 days- Yay!! but I'd like to have some of that on hand and give it to her when needed. Also, supplements, diet, any info would be great. Although some of that may be in Timber's thread, I'll go read that right now, and the other website. Thanks!

This will be a huge lesson for me in "living in the moment" Katie is perfectly healthy and happy now, so I need to work hard at just enjoying the time we get with her and not worrying about the future!

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