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Cut Pad

Bayley cut her pad on something, likely ice. She's such a good girlie, she let me look at it and bandage it. I put an absorbant pad and then vet wrap (I love that stuff!) It bled a bit when she first came in but there wasn't much in the bandage today, so it's not deep. Today I put a new pad and some ointment and rewrapped it. She's being so good and not trying to take it off. I figure that I'll keep it wrapped over the weekend mainly to keep the dirt off it. I also have those rubber 'balloon' type boots so once she's not limping, although I think most of that is the bandage, I'll put those on the paw just to be safe. Now if she was still bleeding etc, she would be going to the vet! She was galloping around the yard this afternoon so I think she'll live
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