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I'm so sorry that they suspect Katie has nasal cancer. Is it because of the nose bleeds that they suspect this or was there some other indication there is a tumor in the sinus cavity?

Did they recommend taking a biopsy? I guess you said they could determine the type of cancer with the CT scan. They were able to do a needle biopsy on our Timber through the roof of her mouth. Like I said, we don't have a CT scanner here so had an endoscope done where the actual mass was seen. I know that a CT scan would have given us more information about the size/extent of the growth.

Like you, we were told that radiation and chemo would not extend her life a great deal and decided to try to keep her as healthy as possible with diet and supplements. They gave us an estimate of as little as 5 months. It has already been 3 months and I don't see her getting any worse and she is still a very happy, playful dog still enjoying her life.

If you want to read more about our Timber's diagnosis this is a link to the thread I started on the subject. It is titled soft palate mass because that is what we thought it was before we had the biopsy done which determined it to be a nasal adenocarcoma:

Whatever route you decide there are things you can do if it is nasal cancer. I got much of my information here from the many wonderful and knowledgeable people who replied to my post . I also found a site that was started by a man who's dog was diagnosed with nasal cancer. He started treating her holistically and this dog, named Lucy, seems to have gone into remission. That blog can be found here:

When we got Timber's diagnosis, we were shocked and extremely sad I know how devastating it can be. We honestly thought we would be putting her down shortly but really, nothing has changed too much for her because, unlike ourselves, she does not think in terms of her cancer, or how long she may have to live. It is hard to carry the burden of knowing and thinking and worrying but my husband always reminds me just to enjoy each day and love her as much as I can. I still find it hard because I tend to look ahead instead of enjoying the "power of now" but I think we all do that to some extent.

I know with your Katie, you probably want to find a solution for the bleeding. There was mention of some herbal supplement that can help and is posted on the Lucy's nasal cancer blog I mentioned above if you decide to try some alternative therapies.

I am certainly not an expert on this subject but I do home cook for our two dogs and add supplements to their diet so if you have any questions, I'd be happy to try and help.
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