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Solid gold is a great food. It just takes a while to see effects when you switch foods. Maybe most of her energy went to the adjustment rather than growth.

I think I said in another thread that when you move up in food quality, the digestion is different. The cheaper commercial foods have digestive aids in them that make the food seem easier to digest. I believe the dog has to physiologically relearn how to digest on it's own.

My doggies took a month and a half to get their stools back to normal. (Solid gold calls this 'detoxifying', I call it "Holy cow! that's an enormous smelly load!!!" ) I know that when a vet tells you to go on a prescription diet for severe allergies, they say it can take up to 6 months for the body to clear up. If it takes that long for allergies, it probably takes that long to get rid of chemicals from previous foods and to see the complete effect of the food. But like I said, my doggies are back to normal a month and a half later, you have to give it a chance when you're switching foods... And sometimes it's better if they grow slower (mostly for big dogs- slow growth= easier on joints and bones)
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