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Originally Posted by minmin12 View Post
I feed him a little in a.m. but before that he goes outside for pee. I allow him as much water first thing and then remove for remainder of day. Now Moses when he pee outside always give praise when I catch him doing inside I take him by scruff of neck and say Bad. When he poo outside I praise him, unfortunately I have not been able to catch him when he does this inside. In any case I always praise him when he does either on our walks with his brother. I caught him pee indoors today he had been reprimanded then we all had gone for a walk and both did busisness and both received praise. I have never had such problems with this ever. Always have been able to train within one week. I figure because as puppy previous owner did not allow them indoors and all were born before snow fall so business outside had been normal for them this could be why I am having such difficulty. I now take both 3 times per day.
Do you mean your puppy only get water once a day? If so that is not enough
water and when he finally does get water to drink he could drink too much and is not good . This may be why he having accidents in the house , the poor puppy could be so thirsty dying for water. There is no need take your puppy by the neck when he has an accident , he will only learn to be fearful of you and nothing else.
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