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I use them with my senior dog and they mostly work really well with her during the day when she is confined to one area (exception being sometimes she wanders mid-poop or digs at the pads). She is no longer able to hold it while I'm at work so this is the next best option.

My favorites are adult dog specific ones they sell at Wal-mart that the name escapes me. They are larger and I don't have to put down a bunch of them like the small ones. Extra absorbent too. For puppy pads, I think Hartz also sells an anti-bacterial brand as well that I've used, that cuts down on smells.

Drawbacks are that sometimes my dog somehow manages to pee UNDER them, and the stuff like I said above, with digging etc. Plus, if your garbage collection is like mine, you're going to have a bunch of stinky pee pads hanging out in the bin for a while (especially problematic in summer).

I sometimes alternate with what I see as the cloth diaper equivalent - a couple of old dog-designated bath towels that get a boiling hot wash in antibacterial soap.
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