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Peeing the bed & handling the laundry

Hi to all. Not posting this in medical or the senior forums as I know why this is happening from time to time (kidney problems with a touch of age, and maybe a few "personality" issues thrown in, as she was prone to this years ago from time to time and always knocked the old saying that dogs will never mess where they sleep). I'm also in the process of "resetting" her after she stayed with a dog sitter for a couple of weeks who didn't stick to my routine FWIW.

What I'm looking for general thoughts on how to react when my dog purposely seeks out her bed to pee in (as opposed to leaking in their sleep or losing control when they're sick, which isn't what happened here). She has replacement beds around the house, and in the past when she peed on one, I gave her the other while it was in the wash. But tonight, after she came directly in from outside and peed on her bed, I didn't do that. She's walking around all puzzled looking trying to figure out where her main bed is. btw, she still has access to the other beds, I just haven't moved them into the living room.

If she had only one bed, this wouldn't be an issue, she'd have to wait regardless. But if a dog soils their bedding, from a behavior or "getting it" perspective, is it best to remove (or not remove) and not replace, or give them an alternate something or other to lay on?

Thanks in advance
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