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Well, the news is not good. Based on the consultation today the specialist is pretty much certain it's nasal cancer. We can have the ct scan done to try to determine the specific type and how aggressive/advanced it is and treatment options. But even with chemo/radiation he said the best case scenario is 9-18 months. We really don't want to do chemo/radiation, especially if it will only give her about a year. I guess now we have to decide if we want to do the scan just to have a little more information or if we just want to try and enjoy whatever time we get with her.
Any thoughts or advice about the ct scan would be greatly appreciated, did you (or would you) do it, if you did it was the information helpful. Also if you've been through this, what can we expect over the next few months, she's perfectly healthy & happy right now (aside from bloody noses).
So sorry I didn't get to be the lucky glimmer of hope in this thread
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