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Originally Posted by doggirl View Post
Yes, coyotes pick off dogs and cats like flies. I did landscaping in the country and will never forget this couple who was so happy they finally got to buy their two elderly hounds the country property they always wanted to provide them. The dogs, who had lived their lives together, were killed together by coyotes shortly after they moved into their country home, during the day, not far from the house, while the owners were outside. So sad.
That is very sad. I saw on the news a few months ago a woman lets her small dog out to pee on it own then she heard her dog cry and when the woman got outside a coyote had the dog in his mouth. The dog was poor dead. What got me really upset the woman was going to sues the city for not doing something about the coyotes and the woman knew there where coyotes coming around her house. Hawks can pick up small dogs too, it is not wise to let a small pet outside along when wild animals are know for looking a 'meal' in people back yards.
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