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My Dog Eats Poop....advice?

I rescued a boxer, beagle and who knows what else mix named Bella. I've had her for 2 years and she is almost 3 now. She is a nervous dog, loves her kennel, spooks easily, more so by men than by women. She is a very nice, good dog... She gets along with my other dog and our 3 cats beautifully. She tries to get into the cat boxes, I have them blocked so she can't get to them... She sometimes eats her and the other dog, Molly's poop from outside... Today was the last is extremely cold right now and this morning the girls went out like normal, I checked on them shortly after letting them out, Bella had her paw up because she was cold so I let them in right away... Bella goes to her kennel like usual, I was talking to her about being cold, I look at her in her box and she had a 'poopsicle' stuck to her nose....... Eww is all I have to say. I'm pretty sure it is anxiety related, I feed everyone good nutrient rich food... Although I can't say what her early stages of life were like. I had a dog that ate her own poop when I was a kid... she was a wild stray though and I think it was more because she had to survive. I'm just wondering if the poop eating pills work, are they safe to buy from the pet store? If it is a nutrient deficiency what nutrient is it that they are lacking? Thanks!
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