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Welcome Gentle Dad! sounds like you have a typical puppy! Have you ever looked into a Halty or some folks call it a Gentle Leader. I use one on my pup and it worked very well. In the beginning most dogs dont like it because it goes over their nose but most settle with it after a few walks. My goofball tries to rub her nose on the ground to get it off. They do work very well. Just google either one and see what you think.

She is far too run for a choke. Also dont move forward on your walks if she wants to pull. She will soon realize that you only walk when she doesnt pull. Your on the right track with Ceasar he has some great shows you can watch. I dont recall if he covered the structured walk on his puppy show or not. If you havent seen that one it is awesome to watch. He raises 4 different breeds of puppies and it is great to see how they all interact.

Good Luck! oh and we are a little bit picture happy here so anytime you feel like posting a pic of your puppy we would love it!!!
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