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Smile training a puppy to walk on a lead

After losing our wonderful yellow lab of 16 years, we decided to get a puppy. He's a 3 month old yellow lab puppy. I am having real problems with him walking easily on a lead. I have read Caesar Millan, the Monks of New Skete and Jan Fennel to no avail. I have been inducing him with treats as the books say. I induce him with a treat and he will walk until he gets it, then he sits down again and refuses to budge until offered another treat.

Am I just expecting too much from a 12 week old lab puppy? I am using a standard nylon flat collar with a 6 foot nylon lead. I don't want to resort to a choke collar.

This behavior is worst in our neighborhood near our house. He just doesn't want to leave his territory. He is a confident and stubborn little rascal and doesn't appear to be fearful. If I drive him to a park he is better but still a challenge. Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any really good books on puppy training?
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