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I'm glad to see she's still hanging in there
I didn't read through each post, so I don't know if this was mentioned, but Thorin had a lot of night pain. Starting later in the evening, and then throughout the night, he would really pant, and often pace (and several times, towards the end, he would lick the carpet obsessively). Our cancer vet explained that it was most likely due to "cancer pain". She said it typically flares up at night and bothers them the worst. She put Thorin on Tramadol, as Hazel mentioned, and also a drug that isn't a new drug, but new in terms of treating cancer pain. It's called Gabapentin. It's an antiseizure drug, but research over the last few yrs have shown it's very effective for treating nerve pain due to certain types of cancer. It really helped Thorin. He stopped panting/pacing and was able to sleep through the night. Might be worth talking to your vet about.
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