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Is solid gold's Hunden Flocken puppy food a good quality food? I bought a bag of it for Ruby, and she just didn't seem to thrive on it. I was feeding her Purina puppy chow before that, and gradually mixed in the Solid Gold. But it seemed that for the next 2 weeks while she was eating only the Solid Gold, she didn't grow, nor did she gain any substantial weight.

I got her back on the Purina and she is growing well again, getting longer and filling out nicely. I thought I had made a mistake getting the Solid Gold, (got talked into it by a clerk at a pet supply store), but people here are saying it's a premium food. Now I'm really confused as to what's the best thing to feed her.

I also bought the weight management food for my "fluffy" beagle but ended up mixing it in with her regular dogfood when I was under the belief that the Solid Gold wasn't good for her.
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